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Meet Sammy Spat

Special Program

The importance of oysters to the health of our oceans cannot be overstated. In her book, Sammy Spat and the Big Rescue, author Kahren Dowcett takes a deep dive into the world under the sea taking Sammy, a one in a million oyster, on a marine adventure that weaves life lessons and ecological awareness that shines a light on oysters, not only as a sustainable food source, but as a keystone species; creating habitat, protecting coastlines from storm surge, and balancing ocean water quality. Oyster Super-hero Sammy Spat works 24/7 for our benefit inspiring oysters everywhere to survive and thrive.

No wonder Sammy Spat has been nominated for a Blue Marine Foundation - Ocean Hero Award in the category of “Public Awareness”. YOU can help Sammy ride the tide to a win by clicking below, AND visiting Sammy Spat and author, Kahren Dowcett, who will be signing copies of her book.

Kahren Dowcett lives on Cape Cod, Sammy Spat’s birthplace, and home to some of the best oysters anywhere. She sits on the Steering Committee of the World Oyster Society based in Japan and organized it’s 6th International Oyster Symposium in 2015 here on Cape Cod. Kahren has also led social and environmental betterment initiatives since coming to the Cape. She holds a degree in Theatre Design & Production from Southern Illinois University and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University.

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