Cape Cod's Nature Place

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

2021 Annual Appeal


During this season of giving, as the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History goes into its 68th year, we hope our Annual Appeal will inspire you to support our planned efforts to enhance what we have been doing. We have been educating and entertaining our members and visitors with programs that stress the importance of preserving nature and promoting the environment and conservation.

We introduced the field of biomimicry as the next logical step for us to keep up with the times and to bring our message to an even higher level. We expanded our direction from simply teaching about animals and plants to demonstrating what we can learn from them —how nature inspires engineering and invention to solve human problems in the 21st Century.

We created exhibits to demonstrate the universal importance of biomimicry. It is the beginning of an exciting adventure story of bringing nature and science together and during the process, we discovered that nature is the pathway to science and invention.

We need your most generous contribution to help us bring this incredible new story of the value of nature to everyone who visits us either in person or electronically.

Thank you for all your past support and we hope you will join us on this exciting journey.