Cape Cod's Nature Place

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Nature Screen

Nature Screen is a STEAM-based monthly film series, focusing on a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math topics of nature.

Check the calendar for more information on each film.

February 14, 2015 Love in the Animal Kingdom

February 18, 2015 Meet the Coy Wolf

March 8, 2015  Leave it to Beavers

April 19, 2015  What Plants Talk About

April 20 - 24  Cuttlefish: King of Camouflage

May 17, 2015  Animal Odd Couples

June 14, 2015  Superfish 


Summer Film Festival

Friday, July 3rd            Crash: A Tale of Two Species   by Brewster filmmaker,  Allison Argo

Wednesday, July 8th  The Invisible Universe Revealed…25th Anniversary of the Hubble Telescope

 Friday, July 24th         The Animal House

Wednesday, August 5th    DUCKumentary

Friday, August 21st        Silence of the Bees    Part of the National Honey Bee Day Celebration!


September 5, 2015        Shark Mountain 

October 11, 2015          Cracking the Maya Code

November, 15, 2015      My Life as a Turkey

December 28, 2015       The Snowy Owl      2 showings: 11:30am and 1pm

December 29, 2015        The Private Life of Deer        2 showings: 11:30am and 1pm

February 14, 2016        Animal Odd Couples