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Massachusetts Archaeology Month

October 2015 is Massachusetts Archaeology Month!

Come learn and explore at CCMNH!


Pottery Reconstruction    Wednesdays- Sundays 11:30 am - 2:30 pm in October          Free w/Museum Admission

Could you cut it as a lab archaeologist? Come join CCMNH for this hands-on-activity for all ages! Sift through the soil to find pottery sherds and try your hand at getting them back together!


Wing Island Guided Walk

Saturday, October 3 and/or Saturday, October 31st     11am       $3 members/$5 non members    Reservations

Join Archaeologist Dan Zoto for a guided walk of Wing Island, the location of the Wing Island Archaeology Project.  Learn what the island was used for in the past, and what new discoveries have been made.

2014 in the Field at Taylor Bray w/Craig Chartier

Saturday, October 17th   1pm  Free w/Museum Admission      International Archaeology Day!

The 2014 field season at Taylor Bray Farm focused on the area where we believe that the original ca. 1640 Richard and Ruth Taylor homestead stood. We had previously explored this area in 2012 and the 2014 season was designed to determine if our previous conclusions were correct, to delimit the extent of the original house, and to examine the construction techniques used. The season was successful beyond our wildest dreams as we were able to find the the sides of the house and identify a probably addition put on in the 18th century on the north side. The house was found to have been constructed using what had previously been thought to be a rare technique- post-in-ground- but one which are now finding may have been the de rigueur in 17th century Plymouth Colony. We also found more evidence of the Native occupation of the site prior to the Taylor's arrival and evidence that the Taylor house had seen extensive repairs prior to its razing in the late 18th century.

CCMNH Archaeology Laboratory Open House and Artifact Identification

Saturday, October 24th    11am - 3pm      Free w/Admission

Join Archaeologist Dan Zoto and the rest of the CCMNH archaeology team for a tour of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History’s Archaeology Lab.  View artifacts from local excavations (including the latest from the Wing Island Archaeology Project), and learn about the archaeology of the area.   Visitors can also bring artifacts for identification.