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After receiving the state's "Massachusetts Child and Youth Serving Programs Reopen Approach: Minimum Requirements for Health and Safety, June 1, 2020", ( we came to the reluctant conclusion that we simply do not have the necessary resources to open KidSummer this year. The state's requirements mandate hiring unbudgeted health and saftey staff and restricts our program to Massachusetts residents and staff. Approximately 50% of out "kids" are out-of-state. We will miss you this year and hope to see you in 2021!


KidSummer Day Program at Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

KidSummer is Cape Cod's Nature Place summer program, instilling a sense of wonder and discovery to last a lifetime. It offers a range of programs for ages 3 to 15, encouraging learning and appreciation of the environment through age-appropriate, STEAM based curriculum and indoor/outdoor activities led by educators/naturalists.

KidSummer nature program is sponsored by IFAW - the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Headquartered on Cape Cod, IFAW rescues and protects animals on Cape Cod and around the world.

Nature walks, field study, and habitat exploration give children a unique Cape Cod summer experience. The Museum campus is surrounded by 400-acres of marsh, dune, barrier beach, woodlands, alewife stream, and wildflower gardens.

Contact: 508.896.3867 Ext. 128

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