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The Animal House



 PBS’ Original NATURE Documentary

 The Animal House

Friday, July 24, 2015 at 1pm   Free w/Museum Admission

 Animals build homes for reasons very similar to our own, but they’ve been doing it for much longer. Animal structures can be simple or architectural marvels. In each case, the goals are the same: protection from predators and a nearby source of food. These structures, whether a nest, a burrow or a mound, are also the site of great dramas and extraordinary behaviors. From master builders like termites and beavers to master decorators like the bowerbird which places colorful flowers at the entrance to its nest, The Animal House provides a fascinating look at “the home life of wildlife.”

PLUS!   Following the film build your own Habitat Miniature for the creature of your choice! $5 Materials Fee

Film: Free with Museum Admission

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