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The Silent Season


The Silent Season


Casey Tinius, Environmental Educator

Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 1pm

Free with Museum Admission

Many of us may dread the coming of a long winter due to the drop in temperature as well as our overall mood. However, winter exists for a reason! It is a time for rest, preparation, and acts as a reset button for the natural world. There are also many interesting adaptations and strategies that earth’s creatures possess in order to brave the elements and survive till the coming of spring. Unfortunately, winter may be endangered due to unprecedented rates of warming across the globe. Come learn about the wonders and secrets of this silent, snowy season and gain an appreciation for its importance.

Casey Tinius has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia. As a deeply passionate environmentalist, Casey believes education is our most powerful tool in developing a global consciousness and ensuring the conservation of resources for generations to come. She also has years of experience in designing and leading workshops for the Girl Scouts and nature-based programs for preschoolers. Casey is a Virginia native now living full time on Cape Cod.


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