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The Pilgrims 2018


  “The Pilgrims”

An Original PBS American Experience Documentary by Ric Burns


Sunday November 18, 11:30am

In the early 17th century, a small group of religious radicals embarked from England to establish a separatist religious community across the Atlantic Ocean in the New World. The challenges they faced in making new lives for themselves still resonate almost 400 years later. Who were the men and women who constituted this multifarious band of English Protestants whom we call "the Pilgrims"?

Their narrative has been clouded in myth, embedded in Thanksgiving Day feasts, football, and parades. Now, award-winning filmmaker, Ric Burns, shatters the Pilgrims’ myth through a vivid retelling of the story via acclaimed actor Roger Rees, who portrays William Bradford as he recites in the third person the account of the Pilgrims.

This historical documentary was partially filmed at Plimoth Plantation and is also supported by a number of great writers; including Nantucket’s own Nathaniel Philbrick; author of "Mayflower."  

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