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The History of Cacao


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The History of Cacao


 Master Chocolatier, Raymond Hebert

 Friday, December 8, 2017 at 11:30am.

 Just in time for the Holidays, Ray presents a history of Cacao from Pre-Columbian Central America to the palaces of Western Europe. From aphrodisiac, to health food, to confection and back to health food, Cacao has come full circle.  In addition, Ray will discuss new archaeological discoveries in North America that show the presence of Cacao in ancient Native American sites in the West that are re-writing the history of the movement of Cacao from Meso America to other areas on the planet, where it cannot possibly grow on its own. The new evidence being offered suggest that 1000 years ago trade in cacao moved over a 1200 mile range to the North.

Admission: Non-Member $25 / Member $15 / Includes Program, Box Lunch & Museum 

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Sandwich choices include Roast Beef, Turkey Club or Tomato Basil

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