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The Healing Garden


The Healing Garden

with Cindy Sauers of Saturday Farms


 Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 1pm    Free with Museum Admission.

Since the dawn of history, humans and animals have sought healing from plants. Although many of today's most popular remedies are compounded in laboratories, there are still vast numbers of commercial cures whose major medicinal ingredients are derived from green herbs, trees, and shrubs. In this illustrated presentation, Cindy will share with you her garden journey collaborating with the plants, the soil, wind, sun, cold, heat, rain... and all of nature for food and medicine for the body and soul.  You will be able to gently and easily begin your own healing garden or, if you don't have a space for your own garden you will have new insight to how plants, trees and weeds throughout Cape Cod provide us with healing food and medicine.   Cindy will help you identify our wild natural Cape Cod plants and she will share with you easy ways to make remedies to relieve many of our everyday discomforts and fortify our bodies and our minds.

Cindy Sauers is an artist, shepherd, gardener and herbalist who works in collaboration with her 'medium'. As a gardener, she collaborates with nature; shaping and adding elements while observing how nature responds and what nature adds or subtracts from the garden.   As an herbalist, she has been using plants as healing remedies, scented gifts, and food since 1973.  Cindy and her garden, along with her husband and the sheep, the Baa Boys, were recently featured in Country Gardens Spring 2017 magazine.  Cindy can't imagine anything more rewarding than sharing the joy she gets from these sweet plants with you.

For more information please call: 508-896-3867, ext. 133