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The Gills Club: Shark Dissection

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The Gills Club

Shark Dissection Event

Saturday, September 28, 2019  9:30am –11:30am.

For this event Gills will have the opportunity to dissect a locally caught spiny dogfish shark with the help of local Gills Club Science Team members and educators. Gills have the choice of observing or taking part in the dissection process and using their hands and special tools to examine the external and internal anatomy of the shark. Gills should wear clothes that are okay to get messy (short sleeves are usually best), and have their hair tied back under a hat or in an elastic / headband.

The Gills Club is an education initiative of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy dedicated to empowering the next generation of female shark scientists and providing young girls with hands on experience to help them pursue their passion of working with sharks.

*Please Call to Reserve a spot at this event: capacity limit of 50 kids!*

 Recommended for Gills Club ages 8+,  

Admission is Free   Please call 508-896-386 ext. 133