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Sharks of New England


Beyond the White Shark ~ Sharks of New England


 Dr. Tom Burns

Sunday, September 13, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

 Dr. Tom Burns has been photographing sharks for over 20 years. His pursuit of shark encounters has taken him around the world. Years of in-water interactions with sharks, often without the barrier of a cage, has allowed him to obtain a real perspective of these intelligent animals. Based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, it is the sharks of New England that have become his focus including the Mako shark, Basking shark, Porbeagles and the rare Hammerhead and Tiger sharks.

Beyond the species profiles, Dr. Burns will give the audience background on how he dives, photographs, and interacts with these different species.  Some might be surprised to learn that he never uses a shark cage and will sometimes use aerial spotters for encountering sharks such as hammerheads. The presentation will include some of Dr. Burns’ stunning photographs.

Dr. Burns’ photographs have been published in numerous magazines such as Asian Geographic, Asian Diver, and Shark Diver Magazine.  His images have been used by conservation organizations such as the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, and published in scientific journals with renowned shark scientists.  He has also worked with several filmmakers, such as videographer Joe Romeiro, and photographers such as National Geographic’s Brian Skerry,

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