Cape Cod's Nature Place

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History


Shark Dive


CCMNH Nature Screen presents

Curiosity Stream’s

“Shark Dive”


Thursdays, September 6th & 20th at 1pm

Get as up close and personal with sharks as you could ever dream of in this stunning film by famed underwater cinematographer Andy Casagrande. He is best known for his work of filming sharks for some the world’s top production companies, including the National Geographic and Discovery Channel. He has also filmed for the BBC and Animal Planet.

Casagrande's talent for capturing extraordinary footage has earned him several awards and honors, among them two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Cinematography—Nature, and has made him a celebrity and one of the world’s most influential wildlife cinematographers. Aside from his work for the world's major production giants, Casagrande owns his own production company called ABC4Films, specializing in wildlife documentaries, television commercials, as well as collaborating on films.  Along with his wife, Emma, he has promoted the sharks' cause, serving as an ambassador for the shark conservation organization called Shark Angels.