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Putting it in the Table: Eggs & Coops


Vegetarian-Fed, Organic, Cage Free, Omega-3 Enriched. What’s the difference between white eggs and brown eggs?  Why are some eggs larger than others? Grade A, AA? What does it all mean and what should you be choosing at the store?  Each label on a carton has positives and negatives and regulations for egg-laying hens are different for chickens raised for meat. There is no surefire label to trust unless you talk to your local egg vendor at the farmers’ market.  On Saturday, April 12th at 2pm you can have all of these questions answered by local farmer, Leo Cakounes of Cape Farm and Cranberry Company in Harwich. Leo will also be talking about raising local chickens and chicken coops.

Reservations  508 896 3867 #133               $5/members  $7/non members