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Night Sky STARLAB Portable Planetarium

Special Program

The Museum of Science


Night Sky STARLAB: 

A Portable Planetarium



10:00 am   To Purchase Tickets: Click here 

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STARLAB will take you on a tour of the solar system and beyond, discover which stars, planets, and other astronomical wonders are visible these evenings:

  • Find several constellations in the current night sky

  • Learn what’s really special about the North Star

  • Locate objects like planets and galaxies

  • See evidence of the Earth’s motion around itself and the changing sky

  • See up-to-date images from probes and telescopes

In addition, STARLAB educators will provide useful tips on how you can navigate the night sky from your own backyard!  Appropriate for all ages.

ACCESSIBILITY: Please note that inside the Portable Planetarium you will be sitting on the floor for 30 minutes.

Show Only ONLINE: Members $10 / Non Members $12

Show Only AT THE DOOR: Members $12 / Non-Members $15

Museum admission/show combo ONLINE ONLY: Adults $22, Children $ 14