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My Life as a Turkey




The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History presents

“My Life as a Turkey”

Based on a true story of wildlife artist and naturalist, Joe Hutto, this beautiful, charming,

funny, sad, and thought-provoking film explores one of those rare moments when man and animal unwittingly become more closely linked than nature normally allows. It had long been Joe’s hope to learn about the secret world of wild turkeys and upon finding 16 turkey eggs on his doorstep one day, Joe was determined to become their mother, by having the newly born chicks “imprint” on him. It was a role he had to learn from scratch and an experience that would change his life in ways he could not have imagined. The journal that Hutto kept of his life as a turkey ultimately became a book, entitled “Illumination of the Flatwoods.” His story is reenacted in this film in full, as he lived it.

 Free with Museum Admission

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