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Magic of Horseshoe Crab


Free with Museum Admission

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Did you know that horseshoe crabs have magical powers?  They see with 10 eyes above, below, sideways and behind! They have blood cells that creep, pounce, and kill bacteria! Their eggs roll around like hamster balls and shed their skins like caterpillars! Horseshoe crabs have legs that chew food, a see-through heart and digestive systems! As if that’s not enough…horseshoe crabs are older than the dinosaurs!

Dr. Gibson received his BA in Biology from Stanford, an MS in Marine Science from William and Mary, and his Ph.D. in Biology from Boston University, via their Marine Program in Woods Hole at Marine Biological Laboratory.    

Join horseshoe crab expert, Dr. Dan Gibson, for this incredible look at one of planet earth’s oldest inhabitants.