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Lunch 'n Learn: Nantaska- The Minnow and the Whale


Lunch ‘n Learn

 Nantaska-The Minnow & the Whale


  Crocker Snow, Jr.

Admission: Non-Member $25 / Member $15 / Includes Program, Box Lunch & Museum 

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Sandwich choices include Roast Beef, Turkey Club or Tomato Basil

The tiny northeastern seacoast island of Nantucket and the giant “Upper 49th” state of Alaska are incongruous bedfellows. They don’t share the same boarding house geographically, culturally or economically. Yet, as journalist and outdoor writer Crocker Snow, Jr. and Inupiak photographer Brian Adams reveal in their latest book, Nantaska-The Minnow and the Whale, the two lands share some startling similarities.

The push-pull between impulses for conservation and drives for development within the tightening vise of climate change make them bicoastal mirror images of each other. Nantucket and Alaska inhabitants are proud of their “otherness,” as exemplified in their lifestyle, heavy weather, and of the sentimental place that their homelands hold in the minds of many absentee Americans.

Join author and naturalist Crocker Snow, Jr., native New Englander and veteran international journalist, for this fascinating look at the parallels between the pilot minnow and the prudent whale. Book signing to follow.

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