Cape Cod's Nature Place

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History


Nature Screen: Hummingbirds- Jeweled Messengers


Thursday, August 15th at 11:30am

The hummingbird: to our eyes they may be just an iridescent blur. They have the highest metabolism of any vertebrate with a heart rate of 1,200 beats per minute. Their wings beat 50 times a second and they can hover on the spot, even fly backwards. They are the most accomplished fliers that have ever taken to the air and to see one is always a deep, visceral, and breathtaking experience.

In this award-winning film, David Attenborough narrates this close-up look at these tiny pollinators captured in flight as never before. Acrobats of the air, flying jewels, iridescent partners of countless plants: hummingbirds are amongst the most remarkable creatures on our planet.

 Free with Museum Admission