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Grow Your Own Meadow


Grow Your Own Meadow,

Large or Small


Kathleen Groll Connolly


April 8th, 2018 1:00pm

If you’ve ever wanted to add the beautiful chaos of a healthy flowering meadow to your landscape, this presentation will demystify the steps. Kathy Connolly will discuss the definition of a meadow, which may surprise you, meadow ecology, the role of native plant species, and steps you can take right now to start planting a new meadow or encourage an existing meadow to grow. She’ll discuss the challenges of integrating a meadow into more conventional landscape settings. She'll also discuss deer and other pests, sources of supply, helpful books, and websites.

Kathy Connolly is a landscape designer, writer, and speaker with a penchant for nature-scaping. Her design clients include municipalities, state parks, homeowners, and nonprofit organizations. A meadow-owner for more than 20 years, she now helps landowners establish meadows and low-mow lawns, as well as vegetated buffers for waterside areas and other naturalized landscapes. Connolly has an MA in Land Use Planning and Landscape Design from the Conway School. She is an accredited organic land care professional through NOFA and is active in several conservation organizations. She is a regular columnist for The Day community papers and websites, which circulate throughout southeastern Connecticut.

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General Admission is $12 per person
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