Cape Cod's Nature Place

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History


Diary of a Hammerhead


June, July, and August daily 9:30am-4pm

September daily 11am-3pm

Free with Museum Admission

If you thought you knew everything about sharks, think again. Experience the epic life of Harriet Hammerhead, a great hammerhead shark! Take a peek inside Harriet's diary to explore hammerhead sharks and their importance as apex predators and keystone species of the world's oceans. 

Learning objectives of this stimulating exhibit include: biology of hammerhead sharks, why hammerhead sharks are important, dangers to hammerheads, and conservation efforts of people dedicated to saving sharks as well as what “everyday people” can do to help.

The Paly Foundation focuses on efforts that highlight the importance of conserving and protecting diverse natural habitats and wildlife populations. They believe that nature conservation is best achieved through thoughtful, well directed nature education efforts and projects. An individual's contributions can have a measurable effect on the conservation of Earth’s biodiversity and spark an individual's passion for and commitment to nature conservation throughout their life.