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Animal Reunions


Animal Reunions ~ Free with Museum Admission

In Animal Reunions, this documentary captures  rare moments  into the emotional capacities of animals and their ability to form bonds with humans. But can wild animals really feel joy, devotion and love? Most animal lovers are convinced that they do, and now scientists are beginning to agree as we discover the stories that bring those animal emotions to life. 

We meet orphaned elephants in Kenya who have learned to trust their nursery keepers even after they lost their families at the hand of man; Damian Aspinall, the first man to release a captive-bred family of gorillas back to the wild, and  his reunion with one of those gorillas, proving a bond that may last a lifetime; and  Jane Goodall, the legendary chimpanzee researcher and Rebeca Atencia, the veterinarian who runs a Congolese chimp sanctuary set up by Goodall, as she travels to find the orphan chimpanzee she raised and released back into the wild. 

Through these incredible stories about human-animal relationships this film sets out to question not only the emotional intelligence of animals but the so-called divide between us and them.