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Amazing Animal Ambassadors


Bethany Jakubson

Sunday, February 18th  10:30am or 12:30pm

Bethany Jakubson is the owner of Amazing Animal Ambassadors and grew up right here on Cape Cod. She has been working in zoos and aquariums since 2006 and went on to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Captive Wildlife Care and Education at Unity College in Maine. She has studied Wildlife Management through the University of Pretoria in South Africa as well. Bethany went on to work for several traveling companies who teach with an assortment of animals, and over the years she has rescued many animals of her own. Two years ago she started the company using some of the animals she had rescued over the years and since then has been expanding the business to have a wide variety of reptiles, birds, mammals and even amphibians and insects. It is Bethany's passion.

Bethany will be bringing to the program some of her favorite members of the natural world including: Cali the talking Sulfur Crested Cockatoo; Boomerang the Kookaburra a member of the Kingfisher family; Big Red the Red Tegu which is a large lizard from the rainforest of South America; Milo the Fennec Fox and Bailey the African Pygmy Hedgehog that is covered with quills but not related to the porcupine. Bethany will also be bringing an assortment of smaller reptiles and insects.

Fun for the whole family!  

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