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All Climate is Local


All Climate is Local:

What Climate Change and a New Climate Agreement Mean for Cape Cod


WCAI and WGBH Science Editor and Host of Living Lab

Dr. Heather Goldstone

Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 1pm.

Free with Museum Admission.

Cape Cod is on the front lines of human-caused climate change, with rising seas and more powerful storms eating away at coastlines, changing ocean conditions threatening fisheries, and increasingly extreme precipitation events.  Massachusetts state law requires both reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and preparation for the unavoidable impacts of global warming. Now, nearly two hundred countries have signed a legally binding pact to address climate change. How do the plans compare? And what are the chances they’ll succeed? Join Dr. Goldstone to hear her first person account of the Paris Climate Summit and what it means to Cape Codders.

Dr. Heather Goldstone is science editor for WCAI and WGBH Radio, and host of Living Lab. She holds a Ph.D. in ocean science from M.I.T. and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and spent a decade as an active researcher before leaving the lab to become a writer. Her reporting about scientific and environmental issues on Cape Cod has appeared in venues ranging from NPR and PBS to Commercial Fishery News. Goldstone hosted the blog and currently spearheads Living Lab Radio, an exploration of the human stories within science.