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Underwater Archaeology: 17th Century Nipmuc Mishoonahs in Lake Quinsigamond


Dr. Victor Mastone

                                                 Underwater Archaeology:  17th Century Nipmuc Mishoonahs in Lake Quinsigamond

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 @ 1pm

Sometime during the mid-17th century, Nipmuc Indians living along the shores of Lake Quinsigamond, a body of water situated between the city of  Worcester and the town of Shrewsbury, constructed a dugout canoe, or mishoon.  Soon after, that mishoon was purposefully sunk in the lake.  In 2000, nearly 400 years later, a sport diver happened upon that sunken vessel.  Subsequent dives led to the discovery of two additional dugouts, or mishoonahs.  All three vessels appear to be purposefully sunk.  Prior to this discovery, only one other dugout canoe was archaeologically reported in Massachusetts. This presentation highlights their discovery, documentation efforts, collaborative research, and future directions of this joint effort among the Nipmuc Nation, BUAR, and several other collaborators.

Dr. Victor Mastone is Director and Chief Archaeologist of the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources.

Free with Museum Admission

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