Cape Cod's Nature Place

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Cape Cod Therapy Dogs

This is a group of volunteer therapy dogs  teach a community program where children and dogs learn to interact safely through carefully selected games and programs.

The audience will often comprise adults as well as others with special needs and children who are afraid of dogs, but are willing to learn!  

This talented group of certified dogs and their owners make a topical presentation, most months on the 3rd Saturday, at 1pm.

Watch the calendar for actual dates.

For more information about the program contact Gina Hayes at


Some of our monthly programs for 2016:


1).  January - Beat the winter blues! 


2).  February - Valentines's Day fun! 

Limbo Rock - Who can go the lowest - children or dogs???


3).  March - St. Patrick's Bit of Fun!

Who can find the hidden Pot o' Gold?


4).  April - Rainy Day Games


5).  May -   Springtime has arrived!


6).  June - A mock "Graduation" for therapy dogs.

What does a therapy dog test entail? Let's learn what

each dog must do in order to just pass the test- training

does not stop once they have passed the test!


7).  July - Time to celebrate our Nation's Birthday! 


8).  August - Dog Days of Summer - It is children versus dogs

for our annual Summer Obstacle Course! 


9).  September - Back to School! 

Reading program day for children and dogs! 


10).  October - Halloween games such as: 

Who's Your Mummy?

Who can find the hidden ghost first - a child or a dog?........


11).  November - Tom Turkey Games -

Where has that turkey gone to???


12).  December - Santa and his Elves

Winter Freeze Tag!