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Red bellied Cooter Head Starts

The baby cooters are back and they couldn't be cuter. Weighing about 11g and the diameter of a ping pong ball, they will be released in May 2021. Over the next 9 months they will grow 4x as long and 40x heavier, on a diet of romain lettuce! They will be released in Plymouth County as "head starts" through Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife

Berried Pumpkin Lobster Update

Oriole's eggs are nearly 1 month old (29 days) She is a protective mother and tucks them tightly under her tail. She cares for them daily by adjusting them with her back legs and gently beating her swimmerets.

We have decided not stress her out by picking her up or removing any eggs for microscopy. Early stage eggs are featureless and if they are fertilized or not, remains to bee seen. She is active and stays busy eating fish, squid, shellfish, and crab.


We have berry exciting news!

Our resident pumpkin lobster that was recently donated by Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar, was vigorously cleaning her tail the other day. She then laid prone (on her back) for a number of minutes before she stood up and began laying eggs! We are now waiting to see if the eggs are fertilized, if they aren't they will fall off within a few weeks. When a lobster is carrying eggs, it is called "berried".

Most adult females will spawn (lay eggs) every two years. They also have the capability to store sperm for up to three years! If the eggs are fertilized, it will take approximately nine months for them to hatch.

Stop by our aquarium to see for yourself and check back for up updates!


Did you know.... Horseshoe Crabs glow? They do under UV light! Come check out our Horseshoe Crab hatchery and see if you can spot an egg hatching or maybe one molting!



We are celebrating the arrival of our new Moon Jellyfish! The New England Aquarium in Boston was so generous with their moon jellies and their time! A big thank you to Steve Spina for all the time he invested in this donation. Another thank you to our volunteers who drove to Boston on a summer changeover Sunday! The Moon Jellies are now eating while circulating in the own private kreisel tank. This unusual tank design is an especially good home for delicate creatures!


Many thanks to the Collins family! Our new blue lobster is about 2lbs and is a female. She is settling in to her new home and has a good appetite - she has already enjoyed mackerel and squid!

Read all about how our newest resident found her way here in the Hingham Anchor!


We would like to thank Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar. They donated a rare pumpkin lobster to our Aquarium. After a very busy day of take out dining the owner, Nathan "Nate" Nickerson had a five minute pause. He explained his wife named the lobster Oriole after the bird because of her pretty yellow/orange shell. He told the staff she was going to a local aquarium. The entire staff sang out "Goodbye Oriole" in chorus. Now she's happily eating some squid in her new home!